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Spiritual Readings

     “When traveling the road of life, don't forget to call ahead for directions.”

I like to use various psychic tools like tarotpalmistry and tea leaf readings to assist others in their quest for personal healing and making life decisions. 

Psychic energy travels at the speed of  light; in fact, it is a form of light.   

I like to approach a reading from both a psychic and psychological stand point.  I focus on both the emotional needs of people and determining the influences at work in their lives. I have a down-to-earth attitude, very open-minded, non-judgmental, and good humored.

My primary objective in a reading is to understand current situations - then provide guidance or direction that may be possible to achieve.

I believe the purpose of a reading is to first see all of the influences at work (past, present, and future) in a person's life and then develop an appropriate plan of action to seize opportunities and avoid obstacles.


Let my energies flow through you, so you may experience a mystical, spiritual and healing encounter. The path you choose today will map your tomorrow.  When your path is dark, I can be called upon to light the way. 



* Personal Readings
* Corporate Functions & Private Parties
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