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Therapeutic Healings

"This is a very relaxing experience as I work intuitively, channeling
universal healing energy".

Therapeutic Healing is most often practiced by nurses, but practitioners may be found among physicians, physical therapists, naturopaths, psychotherapists, chiropractors, and massage therapists.  Those who practice Therapeutic Healing do not see it as something that replaces other forms of health care. 

Rather, they see it as an important complement to conventional medical care.  According to practitioners, Therapeutic Healing treatments have a number of effects that assist or enhance the healing process.

First, Therapeutic Healing treatments are thought to reduce anxiety and promote relaxation. These effects, alone, may be very important as relaxation combats stress reactions. 

It is known that long term, chronic stress compromises health.  In particular, chronic stress tends to be related to increase blood pressure and reduced functioning of the immune system.

Second, Therapeutic Healing seems to reduce pain.  Research indicates that it's often an effective treatment for acute pain.  Small scale studies have shown it to be effective in treating migraine headaches.  In addition, Therapeutic Healing may also help individuals who suffer from chronic pain by reducing anxiety and helping them to mobilize their own healing processes. 

Third, practitioners report that Therapeutic Healing accelerates healing. 

Research suggests that Therapeutic Healing treatments heal wounds and clear infections faster than conventional approaches alone. 




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